Product Vision Box(*)

* Long-term vision. Not all features actually implemented.

First visual application to handle different NoSQL databases

Apache Gora is a data access layer like Hibernate, but for NoSQL databases. GoraExplorer allows to access all the data visually and in a transparent way independently of the native databases.

Remember that Apache Gora handles the data in its own data abstraction based on simple types, records, maps, and sequences.

Deploy & Go

Just deploy the .war package in a Tomcat 7+ and access the webpage interface. Configuration not needed. The server exposes REST services consumed by the webpage.


The whole project has the effective license GPLv3 because ExtJS is released under GPLv3. After getting rid of ExtJS, the rest of the modules (server+client without core library) has Apache v2 license.

Supported databases

The support of further databases handled by Apache Gora is under development.

Name Supported?
Kudu ✅*
Cassandra pending
MongoDB pending
Infinispan pending
Aerospike pending

* Tables wizard not supported.


Version Download
0.0.2-SNAPSHOT alpha 2019-sept-04 Mega (180MB)
0.0.1-SNAPSHOT alpha 2018-jul-21 Mega (70MB)